What are patients saying?

Finding Megan after having my second child helped set be back upright both physically and mentally. She helped me work through intense back pain from pregnancy and nursing while increasing my core strength and giving me a new perspective on how I carry myself each day. From breathing to my overall stance we worked on focusing how to best use my body as I care for my kiddos and be active each and every day. Her genuine care for me as a person and incredible knowledge of the female body is unmatched. 


- Heather Wright, Dover DE, Mom of Two 

Megan is a gem - I feel so fortunate to have found her! She is enormously knowledgeable and also compassionate and caring. She helped me through some difficult postnatal pelvic floor troubles with great sensitivity. She brings a wonderful fusion yoga therapy with physical therapy - thank you Megan! -Claire S.

Megan is AMAZING!!! I have been in physical therapy for nearly 4 years now due to childbirth related injuries with my pelvis and sacrum. I have seen physical therapist in 4 different practices in 3 different states, I know my way around a physical therapy room. Megan is by far my favorite and I truly wish she could have moved with me. From the very first time I spoke with her on the phone I could tell that she truly loves and believes in what she does for her patients, and she also cares a great deal for them. Megan not only helped relieve the pain I was in, but she also educated me on ways to manage and correct the issues I was having. Megan is truly gifted and goes above and beyond for her patients. -Kim C

Megan is a great listener and advisor. I have had the pleasure of working with Megan for about 5 months for an unexplained low back pain I had been experiencing for a few months. Megan worked with me over several sessions and she has help me pin point the likely cause. She is very patient, I recall her reminding me a few times to be gentle with myself with supportive yoga - & given my personality I needed this reminder. The best take aways with Megan for me is my increased awareness of my body, enhanced posture for work-outs and natural movements and actual stretching/movement tips that have helped me relieve immediate pain within minutes or days. I am very grateful for my experience with Megan. -Shameka M.

I was referred to Dr. Megan to address my pelvic floor disorder and other issues. The pain and discomfort I'd been dealing with for years was not unbearable but chronic and certainly life-limiting. I'd never before heard of such highly specialized physical therapy and was feeling reluctant and not very hopeful. Dr. Megan's professionalism and compassionate nature immediately put me at ease. Her ease of knowledge and explanation of her assessments and therapies eliminated my fears and any awkwardness. I felt tremendous improvement with the initial treatment and it only got better from there. While attending my appointments, I had the opportunity to see Dr. Megan deal with people of all ages, backgrounds, and physical abilities. I think she has a true gift in being able to relate to patients positively while still progressing their therapy. She has a genuine interest in her patients' progress. I believe it makes for a more pleasant therapy experience as well as contributes significantly to her patients' success.

-M.B. Hanover, MD


Megan Anderson DPT was the answer to a prayer for me both personally and professionally.  I was exploring the Pelvic Health field as an option for a career move with in the Physical Therapy Profession and had just signed up for a class but wasn't quite sure.  Then Megan came to our facility and started up our Pelvic Health Program.  I got to interact and learn with her. She was able to shed more light on just what I was getting into as a practitioner.  She shared freely and answered many difficult question patiently. She became a great mentor to me. Little did I expect that she was also going to be my therapist.  She handle this with grace and compassion and made me extremely comfortable addressing a delicate situation and she helped me through my problem. I can't thank her enough. Due to her example as a pelvic health practitioner  and my experience as her patient,  I have come to see the very important role that Pelvic Health Physical Therapy plays in the quality of peoples lives.  For this I can't thank her enough.  I gladly recommend her services to anyone.            

-M. C. Boddicker, PT, DPT

It really has been so wonderful working with you.  I went in with the singular focus to do everything I could to rehab post baby and what I got out of the experience was so much more.  You were always so in tune with not only my physical but my mental, and emotional state.  You always honed in on what was really on my mind and it was rarely just my physical complaints.  You really are GREAT at what you do.


-Rachel B.

Thank you so much for the detailed reminders and the encouragement. You are so good at what you do! Honestly, our session today was even greater than I had hoped it might be. I love learning more about our bodies and how they work. I’m so thankful for the good news that I won’t need months of therapy to fix a major problem & that I don’t need to fear hurting myself by doing the things I love. 


Sharon, Mom of 3

"Megan is amazing!  I had been suffereing from lower back pain, a stiff neck and sore muscles during pregnancy.  She knew exactly where my sore spots were and was able to provide me some relief!  She is so professional and personable and makes the treatment sessions so comfortable.  She even provided me with exercises to do on my own to help with the aches and pains, which helped tremendously!  Megan definitely loves what she does and she is great at it.  I would recommend Megan to anyone.  You will not be disappointed!"    

-K.G., Mom of 3

I started a Women's Health treatment program with Megan for pelvic floor strength after delivering my first child. Her professionalism and knowledge were amazing. By the end of my course of treatment I had recovered my strength, gained more core strength than before my pregnancy and was able to comfortably resume my normal activities.



This past summer, I was fortunate to be referred by my gynecologist to Megan Anderson for women's health physical therapy.  Our initial goal was to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles to halt the progress of bladder prolapse.  Over the course of our therapy sessions, Megan worked diligently to provide me with a range of exercises designed to reduce the further deterioration of my condition.


During one of our sessions, I shared with Megan that I have IBS –Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  From that time on, each week she would provide me with copies of the research that she had done including diet recommendations and exercises.  Megan found a local specialist and arranged a referral- once again, going beyond any expectations that I might have of her.

Pelvic floor physical therapy is an intensely private matter.  Megan was extremely sensitive to the stress factor associated with our therapy sessions and exhibited a warm and caring approach which greatly reduced my anxiety. 


I cannot begin to express the confidence I have in Megan; she embodies the qualities most sought after in a health care professional.  She possesses the technical expertise to provide a high level of care along with a compassionate, caring personality.

-Debra R.

Megan was so helpful when I was having tailbone pain from sitting improperly.  She got to the root of the problem and was able to relieve my pain, which allowed me to sit at work and in the car without discomfort.  She even wrote a note to my supervisor recommending a standing desk!  Megan is very attentive and explains her treatment process along the way.  She included me in my care and I always enjoyed going to my appointments with her. 

Megan is truly a wonderful and caring physical therapist that helped me reclaim my health. I have struggled with gut issues/IBS for a few years now and despite changing my diet and lifestyle I was still experiencing painful symptoms and felt lost.  After a few weekly sessions with Megan, the pain and anxiety surrounding these symptoms diminished and for the first time in years I felt truly hopeful. I was very nervous to try pelvic floor therapy but from the very first session she put me at ease and addressed all my fears and concerns with empathy and genuine care.  Megan follows a holistic approach that focuses not only on the physical conditions but emotional and mental state as well. This compassionate and insightful approach helped me change the negative patterns and mindset I had developed around my condition that had me stuck in a bad cycle.  Her knowledge, expertise, and guidance are invaluable and I will be forever grateful for all that I gained from her practice. -S.M.

Megan is a great listener and knowledgeable in her area. I had been dealing with many issues in my pelvic area due to 3 surgeries that were back to back about 16 years ago. I had gone from doctor to doctor to no avail and she boosted my confidence to trust my instincts and body. I have now gone from being unable to do any core exercise to finding ways to adapt or find a variation that my body can do without being hard on myself. I highly recommend Megan to any woman that has had pelvic trauma/injury or surgery as she will find a way or refer you to excellent people in her network. -Cynthia G.