Women's Health Physical Therapy

Traditional Physical Therapy with a Yoga twist.  Oferred in your home or office at a time that is most convenient for you.  Services usually include a combination of manual techniques, education, and exercise including an individualized home program.  Visits are typically 60 minutes in duration.  This appointment type covers services that are considered medically necessary and a receipt will be provided to you that you can file with your insurance.  I am considered an out-of-network provider. 


Women's Health and Pelvic Floor Educational Workshops

One of my driving motivations is educating women and men about what types of conservative management exists for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.  If you would like to host a Pelvic Floor Talk, please contact me to discuss your group and your specific interests.  I am happy to develop workshops and education sessions for target populations and specific fitness groups.  

Integrative Physical Therapy and Yoga Wellness

These appoinments are typically 60 minutes in duration and can be designed to fit your wellness goals.  This appointment type does not require any type of specific injury or diagnosis and can be used by Medicare patients for non medically necessary Physical Therapy services.  It is your hour with me, a Physical Therapist-Yogi, to work on specific goals and generally includes a variety of treatments like manual therapies, education, and exercise.  These visits are not eligible for insurance reimbursement. 


Private and Semi-Private Yoga Instruction

Instruction is in 60 minute blocks and can be provided in your home or a gym space. Semi-Private instruction includes up to 4 students at a time.  Classes can be catered to your specific needs including breaking down the structure of specific yoga postures to help deepen your practice, a vibrant fitness flow, or something in between.  As a PT, I'm uniquely qualified to address injury and injury prevention associated with yoga practice.


"Megan Anderson helped treat my urge incontinence which I learned was related to stress and very tight pelvic floor muscles.  She explained how my entire core and pelvis was related to the urgency and worked with me to decrease the symptoms I was having.  She is very caring and treats people, not statistics.  I have recommended Megan to many of my friends!"
Corporate Yoga

Would you love a little Savasana during your work day?  Maybe just a physical lunchtime break to reverse the negative physical impact of deskwork?  I would love to hear about your needs and design a program specifically for your office.  Corporate yoga sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes in duration and require a minimum 8 weeks commitment.  Receive one free Private yoga session if you bring corporate yoga to your office!


Therapist Locator Program/ Consulting

So you finally found a therapist that treats pelvic floor issues but you do not live in my treatment zone of Alexandria, VA or NW DC- now what?  It can be difficult and cumbersome to locate the right therapist.  I have access to a large network of pelvic health specialists and know all of the lists to check on for a therapist local to you.  I am happy to help you find a therapist within the US.  This service involves a phone consultation to determine your needs.  I will then work to locate a therapist as close to your local area as possible and ensure through a conversation with that therapist that they will be able to meet your needs.  This service is also available to patients with Men's Health issues and other diagnoses that I do not treat.