Integrative Physical Therapy for women during and beyond pregnancy

What is Integrative Physical Therapy? Integrative physical therapy combines yogic philosophy and principles with physical therapy to help you feel your best throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Each session is individually tailored to your needs and goals. What does a session look like? Each session is unique to you. Things your session may include are manual therapies, massage, movement and exercise, education, meditation, breathing, and yoga asana practice. We will meet for 60 minutes and you will always work with Megan. How often will I be seen? It really depends on each person. On average, I work with my clients weekly or every other week for 8-12 sessions. This does vary with some cl

3 Simple Ways to De-Stress Your Day

You know that feeling you get at the end of a really great Yoga class or after a nice relaxing massage? Those few magical moments of bliss where everything feels at peace in the world? If we are lucky, we can make this bliss last for a couple of hours. With a little practice and a few quick tips, we can bring this peace into our day whenever we desire! You may be familiar with the term 'fight or flight.' This describes what happens to our nervous system in stressful situations. We may feel our face flush, our heart rate increase, our mouth may become dry, or our adrenaline begins to pump. This is our body preparing to stay and fight or get away from a 'harmful situation' as fast as possi

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