Our Values

INTEGRITY: accountable, professional, respectful, honest, and ethical

SERVICE: humility to serve and empower

KNOWLEDGE: commitment to education and gaining new perspectives

MINDFULNESS: consideration, awareness, and clarity

NON-HARMING: words, thoughts, judgements, behaviors, or intentions directed to others or self

LISTENING: communicate by seeking to understand before being understood

COMPASSION: love to self, others, situation, and environment

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Integrative Physical Therapy

Integrative physical therapy is a holistic model of healing that considers you as a whole person.  It is a complete mind-body-spirit approach that will help you move into a better version of your life.  

So what does that really mean?  It means that we will dive deeper into how you are being supported in your life.  We will work together to build awareness of both your physical and energetic body to help you be more present with yourself, with your loved ones, and in your daily life.  This is not a quick fix path to healing, but the skills that you build in our work together will help you live your best life.  This path is a true path towards feeling better and more present in your life.  

Whether thru physical therapy to heal an injury or health coaching to generally live a better, more supported life, I will challenge you to show up for yourself and ask for what you need.  With gentle, loving guidance I will hold space for your self discovery and empower you to trust your own innate ability to heal.  This isn't about fixing anything because you aren't broken.   

Each session will be unique to your specific needs.  Recommendations to meet with other complimentary providers may be made as necessary to ensure you have the necessary team to support you in your health.

I work with women of all ages who are ready to take an active role in their health and healing!

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