Dr. Megan Anderson, PT, DPT

I am a wildly passionate physical therapist and advocate of all things women's health. When I began practicing as a physical therapy in 2009, I was relatively clueless about my own fitness or lack thereof.  I decided to start my journey by training for a marathon.  Because why not!  It was around mile 18 of my training program that I really took notice of how much pain I was experiencing.  It was humbling to say the least.  But it was a catalyst for the next few years to follow in which I would engage in numerous different therapies and become obsessed with learning about the pelvic floor + functional anatomy + self care strategies.  

At the point where I really took notice of my pain, I was unable to sit still or drive a car for more than a few minutes at a time.  I was experiencing excruciating back, hip, and buttock pain with exercise and sometimes just resting.  How powerful our minds can be- despite knowing that pain like this is not normal, I had accepted it as my own normal.  At my 18 mile wake-up call I decided to start seeing a physical therapist and massage therapist.  

I was so weak- I had a very dysfunctional core and my hip muscles were not much better.  Traditional physical therapy was mildly beneficial, but it was not addressing the root of my problem.  While participating in my first pelvic floor class that I would learn that my Pelvic Floor was the prime contributor to my literal 'pain in the butt.'  But it was not until I made the connection that I needed a complete mind-body-spirit approach that I was able to truly heal.


Once I identified the root cause and treated it appropriately, my symptoms got A LOT better.  However, they would flare on occasion and they seemed especially sensitive to stress.


In 2014-15, I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training.  It was during this time that I started to notice the very strong link between stress and my physical body.  I was able to (and continue to) work with various mind-body professionals as well as implement yoga techniques that I know to be helpful to re-balance my system.  These techniques have been so powerful in maintaining my health long term. 

The biggest struggle I have faced is the reality that it takes work and patience.  The body is a dynamic, ever changing system with an amazing capacity to adapt.  All of our bodies are incredible at finding a way to get the job done although sometimes those methods cause pain or discomfort.  It is in this awareness that we are able to address imbalances or weaknesses and find a better way of doing something. 

There are so many layers to each of our stories.  So many experiences, struggles, journeys, moments.  I have yet to meet an individual without struggles or challenges.  I absolutely believe that we each have the power to heal ourselves and improve our quality of life.  I also believe that it takes the right team of support to guide us on this path towards wellness. Physical therapy and yoga are both disciplines in which the more active the role you take in your healing, the better the results.


Through my own challenges with digestive dysfunction, pelvic pain, and emotional struggles I have found a relationship with yoga, manual therapy, nutrition and other mind-body modalities that have brought a sense of balance and grounding to my life.  My own challenges have lead me to deepen my understanding and application of yoga and physical therapy and continue to motivate me to learn as much as I can.  With this passion, I offer you my knowledge + experience + compassion + professional network to help you live the most vibrant life you desire.  

To paraphrase one of my mentors, 'This work [physical therapy and therapeutic yoga] is not about fixing problems but rather holding the space and helping guide our clients to a better understanding of their bodies to help them make lasting change.'

That is my promise to each and every individual that I work with.  I promise to help you on your journey to move and feel better.    

With Gratitude,

Dr. Megan PT, DPT

Megan Anderson PT, DPT is an integrative physical therapist specializing in women's health.  She earned her doctorate in physical therapy from Indiana University in 2009, completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2015, has over 100+ hours of women's health post graduate education from the Herman and Wallace Institute, and is actively pursuing her Professional Yoga  Therapy certificate. 

Megan Anderson, PT, DPT,  RYT200

PT (Physical Therapist)

DPT (Doctorate in Physical Therapy)

RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher, 200 hour)
IPPS Member (International Pelvic Pain Society)